Hi there!

I am super excited to be starting my own blog on here! It’s my first one ever! And hopefully this can be everyone’s place to come to and just talk about their goals in life, about Isagenix, or just need that little bit of extra support when it comes to weight loss and bettering ourselves or just about anything that relates! 🙂  I just thought it would have been a neat idea to start one for my progression with weight loss as well as anyone else who becomes a part of my team!

It’s easy to post a picture on social media and have people either like it or comment on it saying, “way to go!”, or, “Good for you!” I find that some people may be embarrassed to inquire about the program, or what lengths we are going to have this much success. Therefor, this is why I am starting this blog. So that people can follow us and what we do; anonymously if they would like 🙂

I will be asking if not immediately, but soon, if you wouldn’t mind posting your background story of your experience with weight gain/loss. It’s not a necessity but it will help other’s out as well as myself in the long run; just so that you can keep following up with your progress and seeing the changes yourself through this blog! It will also be every encouraging and inspirational to hear all the different, yet same stories for what these products can do for our lives!

I’m looking forward to this and I hope you are too! I will be in touch soon!!

Becca Diepman


-it always seems impossible… until it’s done —



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